My Services:

Individual and Couples Therapy

I work with a variety of emotional and behavioral issues and treat people from many different cultural and ethnic backgrounds. I am sensitive to the impact that culture has on how people experience themselves in the world and the conflicts that can arise from this when one is exposed to more than one set of cultural norms and values.

Some of my areas of specialization are:

Addiction and Recovery
Depression and Anxiety
Grief Counseling
Stress management
Relationship Issues
Creativity Development
Sexuality and Identity Issues
Career and Work Issues

My approach to any of these issues begins with establishing a basis of trust and support. I believe that the best therapy should be a collaboration between us that evolves from a foundation that we build as we work together towards your goals.

Long lasting change really stems from deep work that delves into past experiences that have shaped how you experience yourself and your relationships. The interpersonal dynamics that arise in the therapy experience can provide an invaluable opportunity for deeper understanding and change.

Addiction and Recovery

This is a specialty that can require a multi pronged approach. The treatment recommendations arise from an assessment of the nature and severity of the problem. I work in conjunction with an addiction medical specialist who can provide outpatient detox for those who prefer this method to inpatient services. I will also make referrals to inpatient detox and rehab when outpatient is not indicated. It is often a long and painful process that occurs before one is able to admit powerlessness over and addiction and begin to take the steps toward Recovery.

Out-patient therapy can help in two ways. It can provide a safe place to examine the effects of your behavior on your life, your health and your relationships. This is part of the diagnostic process used to determine the severity of the problem.

It can also be a very important part of the Recovery process. Recovery from any addiction is a brave, difficult but ultimately life transforming endeavor. It is so important to work with a clinician who understands and has experience in guiding one through this rough terrain. Even though substance abuse and addiction becomes a problem in and of itself, it does have its roots in a troubled past. On going therapy along with self help support from 12 Step programs is the combination that provides the best results.

Many people suffering with addictive disorders also have underlying issues with depression and anxiety. These symptoms can require medication management that can then provide a solid baseline for the work of therapy and Recovery.