Starting therapy is a sign of strength. By making this decision you have taken a big step forward on the path towards self-growth and well-being.

You may be feeling depressed, anxious, unable to stop unhealthy habits or be stuck in an unhappy relationship. Those are just a few of the problems that lead people to seek psychotherapy. Whether or not this is the first time you have entered into therapy, you may be anxious about taking this step. This is perfectly natural and as in any new relationship or experience it can take some time to feel comfortable with the process.

In the beginning we will spend time assessing the nature of your issues and establishing a course of treatment. Together we can work to build a trusting relationship where collaboration and communication are mutual. The process that we will enter may unveil long-standing behavior patterns or negative perceptions which may be holding you back from living a meaningful and satisfying life.

It is important to remember that while we canít change the past we CAN make new choices and resolve lifeís challenges. If you are looking for support and guidance through a rough period and are ready to embark on a journey of self-discovery, I look forward to working with you to help you meet these challenges and fulfill your dreams!

Some of the areas of psychotherapy in which I specialize are:

Addiction and Recovery
Depression and Anxiety
Grief Counseling
Stress management
Relationship Issues
Creativity Development
Sexuality and Identity Issues
Career and Work Issues

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